What is QuoteCX? A Plain English Guide to ScaleFluidly’s Core Platform

3 min readApr 18, 2023


If you’ve looked around ScaleFluidly’s website or social media, you’ve probably seen “QuoteCX” mentioned quite a bit. It’s the core of our unified commerce platform, after all, and we love to mention it.

But what is QuoteCX and how does it fit in to ScaleFluidly’s larger platform?

What is QuoteCX?

QuoteCX falls under the umbrella of “Configure, Price, Quote” (CPQ) tools, which is digital industry jargon for saying it’s a digital tool designed to automate pricing calculations, especially complex pricing calculations. Even though it falls under this category, though, it might better be called a “Configure, Price, Quote, Collaborate” tool, as it contains functionality that lets different teams collaborate on calculating prices.

The most common use for these calculations is for businesses that issue a lot of quotes or estimates, hence the name QuoteCX. Some sales reps might generate dozens of quotes per day, while companies must handle incredibly specific price caps and discounts. QuoteCX is designed to help sales reps at small-to-midsized businesses manage complex pricing and quoting with ease.

How can QuoteCX help my business?

Speed and accuracy are critical to sealing a deal and quotes are an essential part of that. Requesting a quote means the customer has decided they need what a business is selling-but they haven’t committed to one business yet.

One of the biggest first impressions is made during quoting, which can make or break customer trust. QuoteCX ensures that quotes are accurate and aesthetically pleasing, no matter how complex pricing calculations are behind the scenes.

Building a digital infrastructure on accurate pricing also ensures that any other modules, like collaboration tools or customer information managers, all use the same data. This helps prevent outdated or redundant pricing data and helps systems run smoothly and without delays. More speed, better deals.

What makes QuoteCX different from other quoting tools?

Most quoting and price configuration tools are designed to integrate with customer relationship managers. This reliance on other systems means that pricing is often treated as an additional feature, even for businesses who need pricing to be the focus of their digital toolbox.

QuoteCX was designed based on ScaleFluidly founders’ experience helping companies with extremely complex quoting needs that out-of-the-box tools could not handle. QuoteCX is designed to handle any level of pricing complexity and is easily configurable to a company’s specific needs.

How does QuoteCX relate to ScaleFluidly?

ScaleFluidly is a unified commerce platform, collecting the many functions of running a business digitally all in one place. But businesses have different needs; a company selling medical devices might need comprehensive contract tools, a manufacturer needs to create complex quotes, etc.

Any ScaleFluidly implementation begins with QuoteCX, the core of the platform. Then, users can elect to “turn on” and “turn off” other modules (currently in development) of the ScaleFluidly platform. This common foundation lets the modules work seamlessly with each other and QuoteCX while making it easy for users to only pay for the tools they use.

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